Haul/Swatches – Cute Korean Lip Tints

Korean Lip Tints
Just a quick post for the day, I wanted to share some cute Korean Lip Tints that I’ve purchased recently.  As you may have noticed, I’m a huge lover of Korean Beauty, it’s become pretty popular over the last few years with numerous articles on the Korean 10 step skin care routine and with various Korean beauty brands being stocked at big stores like Sephora and Mecca.  Whilst the popularity seems to mostly focus on the huge variety of affordable skin care products, my true love when it comes to Korean beauty is their makeup – particularly their face and lip products.

Here are the tints that I’m featuring today, from left to right – PeriPera Water Balm in #1 Cherry, Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in RD3 Merlot Burgundy, Etude House My Little Nut Lipstick in PK004 and PeriPera Vivid Tint Water in #2 Peach Squeeze. A lot of Korean lip products (or many products really) have some really cute and quirky packaging which is part of the allure for me however there are more modest and chic designs for those who aren’t fond of overly cutesy items. I particularly love the Vivid Tint Water’s packaging which looks to be inspired by the Vitamin Water bottles.

First up is the PeriPera Water Balm.  This product has some similarities to the Benefit Benebalm.  The packaging and design is very similar and the PeriPera water balm has a similar rose scent although a bit sweeter.  The formula for this is similar in that it’s a lovely hydrating lip balm that applies smoothly on the lips however the Water Balm has a much stronger tint to it and comes out as a rather bright red compared to the very muted Benebalm.

Here is the Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint.  This tint is a somewhat thick liquid tint that is applied with a doe-foot applicator.  It comes out more berry-toned in person and is relatively long lasting (roughly 5-6 hours of wear).

This is the Etude House My Little Nut Dear My Enamel Lips Talk Lipstick, what a name!  The My Little Nut was a Christmas range brought out for 2016 which included a few new colours of the Dear my Enamel Lips Talk lipstick and a cute variation on the lipstick packaging with the lovely gold accent.  I chose a lighter pink shade which isn’t normally my style but I like how it turned out. The lipstick is very smooth and not drying but as a result is not very long lasting (roughly around 3-4 hours wear) although due to the design and formula, I’ve found it to be no problem to reapply throughout the day and still maintain an even lip look.

The final tint is the PeriPera Vivid Tint Water which (big surprise) is a very watery liquid tint that is applied with a doe-foot applicator. The formula of the lip tint does make it a bit difficult to apply, it needs to be carefully dabbed on the lips or else the tint goes a bit haywire! I’ve had it drip off my lips and also stain my teeth too!  The formula is extremely long lasting, I’ve had this tint last well through the day until the next morning, even whilst eating and drinking, it seems to stay like an unwanted house guest!  Peach Squeeze is a lovely shade though and I don’t mind how long it lasts.  The tint also smells wonderfully sweet and fruity.  I was pleased with the performance of this tint that I ended up buying a whole mini set of the same range that I will review later on.

Whilst this wasn’t technically a review post because I’m a lazy sod, I would rate all of these products quite highly. I couldn’t compare the four as they’re all quite different to one another, ranging from a traditional lipstick style to a very watery tint and varying in intensity although they each have their merits. If you were interested in picking up any of these, I would suggest either TesterKorea, Jolse or RoseRoseShop as they are my favourite shops to go to for Korean Beauty.