Review/Haul – Oh Deer Sugar Indie Bath and Body Goodies

Oh Deer Sugar Doughnut Scrubs
Today I’m doing a write up on an indie bath/body shop that’s local to South Australia called Oh Deer Sugar.  I’m pretty excited for this post because I really love this brand and the stuff I’ve tried so far.  It may sound like I’m shilling the brand but I promise that I haven’t been bribed to write this!

Read on if you want to hear a bit more about these adorable scrubby doughnuts and chocolate bar soaps.

Oh Deer Sugar Bath Scrub Donuts
I’ve spotted Oh Deer Sugar a few times before but had only popped in for the first time last month.  Not having a bath tub at homes means I walk past a lot of bath and body retailers and grumble to myself about how pretty the bath bombs look and how nice the bubble baths smell and lament the fact that my bathroom is so lacking.  Oh Deer Sugar came to my rescue by providing cute delicious smelling products in SCRUB FORM.  After sniffing the entire store to the point where you’d probably get concerned for my sanity, I settled on buying the two doughnuts above.  The Red Doughnut is a Candy Cane Donut Body Scrub (at this point I realise I spell Doughnut like a pretentious snob) and smells minty and sugary, the blue doughnut is a Galaxy Donut Body Scrub and smells like magic and freshness (there’s not really any other way I can describe it), it also looks damn beautiful and the photos don’t do it any justice.

Candy Cane Donut Body Scrub
Here’s an action shot, for those of you who are unsure how a body scrub works (lol).  The top of the doughnut has a ‘glaze’ and is soft on the skin whereas the doughnut itself is quite a bit coarser but has a good balance of exfoliating without leaving your skin feeling raw.  The shape of the doughnut also makes it pleasant for use, I emphasise this as I’ve tried a few body scrub bars from LUSH that were square shaped and extremely awkward to use due to the shape.  Another comparison I’d like to make to LUSH scrubs is that these doughnuts tend to last a hell of a lot longer.  I’ve gotten roughly 10 full body scrubs worth of goodness from this Candy Cane Donut whereas using the Buffy or Peppermint Bark scrubs (I believe Buffy is smaller but still at a similar price point) I only managed around 3 full body scrubs worth.

Candy Donut Body Scrub
So after trying the Candy Cane Donut and the Galaxy Donut, I went back again to Oh Deer Sugar to get another fix.  I picked up this delicious Candy Donut which, in my opinion, smells like gummy bears!

Heartbraker Donut Body Scrub
And this Heartbreaker Donut Body Scrub which has a scent that’s really hard to place.  According to their website, it smells like “spring roses, peonies and lillies with a twist of Summer passion fruit” and I would agree, the passion fruit in particular stands out and reminds me of delicious smoothie.

Oh Deer Sugar Chocolate Soap
Additionally, doughnuts and scrubs aren’t the only things they make.  On top of Bath Bombs, Shower Mousse, Face Masks, Cleansers and plenty of other nifty stuff, they also make these cute Chocolate Bar Soaps.  Aren’t they friggin adorable?  It looks like you might find a golden ticket inside if you open one up!

Oh Deer Sugar Chocolate Soap
I gravitated towards these two soaps – Salted Caramel and Popcorn (although I’ll be honest and say I can’t smell any salted caramel but it’s got plenty of popcorny goodness) and Jelly Beans and Popping Candy.  I’m curious to see if the popping candy is still capable of actually popping when in soap form because that’s going to make for an interesting shower experience 😉

Oh Deer Sugar Fingerbun Scrub
Last but not least, when I shopped at ODS last, the lady popped in a sample of their finger bun scrub.  I. Bloody. Love. Finger. Buns.  I can’t look at this scrub without getting the urge to track down the nearest bakery and get my hands on one.  IT’S EVEN GOT COCONUT SPRINKLED ON TOP, WHAT?!

In Conclusion I love everything I’ve tried so far.  It feels good/works well, it’s reasonably priced, they’re a local retailer (South Australia loves their home grown shops) and it’s all damn adorable.

Rating: 5/5

Rating Scale:

1 – Terrible, would not recommend at all
2 – Bad, did not work for me but may work for others, would not repurchase
3 – Average-decent, but unlikely to repurchase
4 – Good, worked well or showed some results, would recommend and may repurchase
5 – Excellent, would happily recommend to one and all, extremely likely to repurchase

Where to Buy – Oh Deer Sugar Online Store