Review – Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint – A Benetint Dupe?

Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint
Short Answer?  No, it’s neither better nor worse, they’re both pretty crap products.

If you’re curious as to why, read on!

Benetint and Lollitint
When I first got into Benefit Cosmetics, I received a lot of mini Benetints as part of sets.  Along the way I had somehow convinced myself that Benetints were actually good, when applied, they create a lovely flush and give your lips a subtle but beautifully glowy tint.  It looks great!  But then you leave the house and the minute your face meets the open world, the tint all but disappears.  Your lips look washed our and your cheeks would probably look more flushed if you accidentally tripped over in-front of a bus full of people (no this didn’t happen to me… more than twice anyway…)

In a bid to try and create more budget friendly makeup collection, I came across the Etude House Dear Darling Tint.  For less than $7 shipped for 10ml vs Benetint’s $55 for 12.5ml well, I don’t think I need to do the math, it’s pretty clear that one is cheaper by leaps and bounds.

Swatches of Benetint and Dear Darling Tints
Auuu look at the pretty swatches.  Strawberryade is my favourite and Lollitint is pretty cute because I’m still hung up on Pantone’s Color of the year from 2 years ago now.

As you can see, Cherryade is significantly deeper than Benetint.  Strawberryade is just a tad darker but not the same hue as it’s much warmer in tone.  At this stage you can see that they’re not really quite dupes as far as pigmentation or shade goes.

The consistency however is very similar for Benetint.  Benetint and the Dear Darling Water tints are, surprise, watery!  I’m conflicted on watery tints, they feel lightweight and moisturising to apply but often leave my lips feeling a bit dried out and lusting for moisture.  Lollitint has a much creamier consistency and is closer in consistency to Etude House’s Fresh Cherry Tint.

Dear Darling Water Tint in Cherryade Lip Swatch
Dear Darling Water Tint Cherryade – looks lovely on the lips, I loved this product when I first got it.  The problem is that this tint will wear off quickly and inconsistently.  This tint wouldn’t even last until my morning tea at work (within 2 hours of application) before looking patchy and unflattering.  It’s also quite drying and I found that with constant reapplication, my lips started to suffer.  I can’t say that you’ll also experience this but I just personally can’t recommend it, no matter how lovely the lip swatch looks.

Benetint Lip Swatch
Benetint Lip Swatch – much more demure, it’s lovely for a toned down look but as I mentioned above, it quickly fades.  I found my lips looked dull and washed out within 1-2 hours of wear.  It’s less drying than the Etude House Dear Darling tint but it’s hard to justify the $55 price tag for a product that performs so poorly.  I began to use this as a cheek tint instead which does get a bit more longevity out of it but I found it fading around lunch time and it’s just not all that practical to be dabbing my cheeks in the bathroom everyday at work – I don’t want to be that girl.

Etude House Dear Darling Strawberryade Lip Swatch
Dear Darling Water Tint Strawberryade – I love this shade, I constantly fought to make this product work because I loved how it looked with my makeup but sadly it suffers from the same cons that the Cherryade tint also has.  It’s not as drying as the Cherryade tint but it does fade within the first few hours of wear (without any interraction with food or beverages) and it also fades extremely unevenly, it just doesn’t look good Jim.

Benefit Lollitint Lip Swatch
Benefit Lollitint – Oddly this tint pulls quite warm-toned on my lips but very cool-toned when used on my cheeks so I can never coordinate the two.  Because of the creamier formula, it generally dried my lips out less and I find it to be easier to blend in on your cheeks as opposed to the water tint that you have to battle to blend before it dribbles down your face. Additionally, it’s also the most pigmented out of all Benefit cheek and lip tints and I personally find it lasts the longest.  Lollitint is actually not too bad, I think it’s easily the best performing tint out of the bunch yet I still have a hard time justifying the pricetag.  That said, if I were going to recommend any of the products, it’d be Lollitint by far.

In Conclusion I don’t recommend any of these products for you to buy.  The Dear Darling Tint is cheap but why waste even $7 on a product that performs poorly and dries out your lips?  Benefit’s tints are also quite expensive and don’t provide enough to justify the pricetag.  If you were so inclined though, Lollitint would be your best bet out of any of these products as it performs the least terribly.

Etude House Dear Darling Tint Rating: 2/5
Benefit Benetint Rating: 2/5
Benefit Lollitint Rating: 3/5

Rating Scale:

1 – Terrible, would not recommend at all
2 – Bad, did not work for me but may work for others, would not repurchase
3 – Average-decent, but unlikely to repurchase
4 – Good, worked well or showed some results, would recommend and may repurchase
5 – Excellent, would happily recommend to one and all, extremely likely to repurchase

Where to Buy – Jolse (Dear Darling Tint), Myer (Benefit Benetints)