Manicure Fizzy Bombs – Bath Bombs for your nails!

Manicure Fizzy Bomb Review
I recently stumbled across an interesting product called a “Mani Bomb” which is an adorable little bath bomb for your nails.  I’d never heard of anything quite like this so I was really curious to try it!  I love bath bombs but sadly my current house doesn’t have a bath tub so I love the idea of being able to still have a pamper day despite that.

These Mani Bombs are made by an indie brand called Forever Polished however I purchased these through the Australian stockist Femme Fatale Cosmetics.

Whilst these are beautiful little bombs, an unfortunately downside to them is that they are quite fragile.   The shop listing for these did make a mention that they’re fragile and can break in transit however many of mine arrived quite crushed so I was a bit disappointed.  I believe that the ones I bought may have also been slightly older stock so they may have been even more fragile than normal.  I also don’t believe they were packaged as well as they could be but more on that later.

I decided to try out the slightly broken one above which is called “Mad About You Square” which was scented with Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Peony, Jasmine and Amber.  I must admit, I didn’t quite notice many of the scents in this mani bomb but, as mentioned above, this may also be due to the suspected age of the product.

I popped the bomb into a small bowl of warm water and without provocation, it bubbled up in a really interesting way!  I snapped the above shot because it looked really amazing and reminded me of little sago balls!

After it mellowed down, I popped my nails in for a little soak.  The texture was really quite unique, there was a thick oily layer on top of the warm water that clung to my finger tips.

It was quite messy but a gentle warm water rinse helped clean my fingers off.  The mani bomb felt quite nourishing on my fingers.

After washing my fingers, the skin around my nails felt quite soft and moisturised.  I’ve recently kicked a horrid habit of biting my nails (20+ years of biting!) so my nails are certainly in need of any treatments they can get.  In the next few days I noticed my thumb and pinky nails in particular were healthier and sturdier.

All things considered, I really enjoyed using the mani bomb!

As I mentioned earlier, unfortunately many of my mani bombs arrived quite crushed which bummed me out.  Only 2 of them made it to me relatively intact.  Whilst this doesn’t impact the performance of the mani bomb, it’s just not quite as cute to have a baggie of suspicious powder as opposed to a cute little square or macaron shaped mani bomb.

The supplier that I ordered these through (Femme Fatale Cosmetics) is an Australian based indie cosmetics stockist which focuses more on nail polishes and nail related products but does also have some indie makeup and fragrances for sale.  I’ve ordered through them a few times but if I’m being truly honest, I’ve never had a particularly great experience with them before.  I definitely feel like a lot of these mani bombs could’ve been padded a bit better when shipped.  I also had a pretty horrible experience with the courier (Fastway couriers if you’re curious, I don’t recommend their services to anyone ever) and I believe that there was no real care taken when handling my package which would’ve also attributed to how crushed they were.

Just an example of one of the mani bombs I received – this one had no padding or wrapping around it so it came completely crushed with most of its contents all through my parcel – damn!  It’s supposed to look like this.  It is a bit of a shame that these didn’t arrive in a nicer condition.

In Conclusion  these are a really fun way to pamper your fingers and nails however they are fragile so they may not arrive on your doorstep quite as cute as they’re displayed online (if you were to purchase these from the same stockist that I did). That said, even if they’re crumbled, they still provide a good gentle pamper for your nails and fingertips!

Edit (24.4.16) – I thought it worth mentioning that I spoke with Femme Fatale recently about their courier and how terribly they handled packages and they have advised that many other customers have reported the same issues and as a result may no longer be using this courier so that’s at least some good news for anyone looking to shop with them.  Also the owner of Forever Polished reached out and was disappointed to hear that the mani-bombs weren’t packaged very securely and has offered an alternative for me to try these out so hopefully I’ll have a new post with some fresher new mani-bombs to show you all!

Rating: 3.5/5

Rating Scale:

1 – Terrible, would not recommend at all
2 – Bad, did not work for me but may work for others, would not repurchase
3 – Average-decent, but unlikely to repurchase
4 – Good, worked well or showed some results, would recommend and may repurchase
5 – Excellent, would happily recommend to one and all, extremely likely to repurchase

Where to Buy – Forever Polished (US and Canada only) or from Femme Fatale Cosmetics