FOTD – Practising Long Lasting Makeup!

Title Image - Practising Long Lasting Makeup
Today’s post is my attempt to practise a long lasting makeup look.  I’m getting married in October (woot!) and to try and save money, I’ve decided to do my own makeup but before that, I want to make sure I have plenty of practise and I also want to make sure I can get a good long-lasting look down pat, one that looks fresh even after 12 hours (dreaming big, right?)  I decided to do a bit of a write up so I can remember what aspects of my first attempt worked well, what needs improving and what needs to totally change.  I find that I’ll look back on a FOTD that I’ve done and, whilst I was happy with it at the time, I’ll be quite a bit more critical of it in future, I think we’re all our harshest critic though right?

Many tips I read when it comes to doing makeup for a big event is to ensure that you’re happy with how it looks in multiple lighting scenarios (if that’s applicable) – basically does it look good in natural lighting, indoors and with flash photography so I’ve decided to do this today.  The above photo is with indoor, cool-toned lighting and for most part, I’m pretty happy with how it looks.  It’s certainly not a traditional wedding look but I’m not a traditional girl really, a dark/berry lip and shimmery eyes is my go-to look and I want that to be represented in my look for the day, it’s what I love!

A photo of Mascarateer under natural/warm lighting
I snapped a photo under more warm-toned, natural lighting.  Despite having a makeup blog and taking a decent amount of FOTD shots, posting close up photos of myself never stops feelings weird!  In this photo I noticed that I have some blemishes that weren’t properly covered up that I’ll need to pay more attention to when it comes to my base.  Personally I also think I don’t have enough of a highlight either, I’m on the hunt for a new highlighter though so it’s on the list!

Mascarateer with Flash Photography
Here’s a snap I took with the flash on my camera.  A lot of wedding makeup tips will caution against using products with certain ingredients (titanium dioxide, talc? zinc etc.) due to the fact that they cause a flashback effect and give your face a ghostly complexion with flash photography.  The myth is that products containing SPF will do this but that’s not entirely true.  My foundation has 50+ SPF and I believe that the flashback in this photo is quite minimal.  I have no issues at this stage with any of the products I’ve used vs Flash Photography.

Close Up of Mascarateers Eye makeup
Close up of my eye makeup – I’m not happy with this at all really, my blending skills pretty much suck.  This also shows that despite my touching up, there’s still some visible eyeshadow fallout under my eyes as well.  I need to ensure that I do my eye make up before anything else due to how messy it can get!  I also intent to look up some interesting eyeshadow tutorials to get some ideas on placement and colours based on the palettes I own.

I was also really unhappy with the false lashes I chose.  I think they look alright in these photos but in person they just didn’t have the right “look” – I think it may be to do with the concentration of longer lashes on the outside of the lashes as opposed to focusing on the middle of the eye which I think works better for me.  None-the-less, more experimenting with different lash shapes and types is needed.  Diamond Lash glue still reigns supreme and could probably lash through a hurricane.

Products used to create this look
Here is a snap of the products used to create this look which is suprisingly less than I was expecting!

  • Too Faced Hangover Primer
  • Too Faced Primed and Poreless (for my nose, chin and areas around my nose)
  • Missha M Magic Cushion Moisture in #21 (thinking this may be a bit too warm so I may consider swapping this out)
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
  • Dolly Wink Eyeliner
  • Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara
  • Etude House Tear Drop Powder
  • Illamasqua Brow Cake in Stark
  • Illamasqua Brow Pomade in Glimpse
  • Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Gel
  • Ardell Natural Wispies False Lashes
  • Nars Orgasm & Laguna Duo
  • Models Prefer Mineral Powder in Photo Ready
  • Velourlips in Doo-Bai

Things I liked about this look

  • The look felt very “me” – whilst it’s a much more done up look to my everyday self, it’s similar to my usual dressier looks and I like that aspect
  • It was damn budge proof, a combination of the primers used, the fixing spray (skindinavia), the eyeshadow primer and matte lipstick meant that most of my makeup barely budged.  I did some star jumps, ran around for a bit, rubbed my face, ate and drank and the results were pretty good (why didn’t I take a photo damnit!)
  • Relatively easy to touch up, the cushion means that it’s quite easy to fix any spot issues without causing too much of a caked on look
  • Eyeliner choice – the Dolly Wink eyeliner is pretty damn good.  It’s not as opaque as I’d like but it’s quite precise and decently smudge proof, pairing that with some black eyeshadow helped darken the line and set it better
  • I like the colours chosen for the eyeshadows, it was my first time using the Naked 2 palette but I loved how the colours look
  • My blush and contour choice – the Orgasm/Laguna combo is lovely but a little washed out in photos
  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – this is a great product, so easily blendable and so lovely

Things that need improving

  • Eyeshadow placement, choices and blending – I really need to practise a lot more with this, I think my lower lash line is particularly messy. No big deal though, tutorials + time is my friend!
  • Blush and Contour intensity + Placement – I think this needs improving, the blush is a tad washed out in photos, I need to find the balance of having it show up in photos whilst not looking too intense in person, the contour doesn’t stand out to me at all so this needs fixing
  • Brow shape and application – I’m aware that eyebrows are sisters, not twins, but mine weren’t even related.  Frontal shots looked weird, like I permanently had a quizzical expression, this needs to be considered!
  • Order of application – I must remember to do my eyeshadow FIRST, fallout and mess resulted in my fix ups looking a bit crummy and this can be avoided by not applying my foundation first
  • Lip Colour – this looks berry on arm swatches and when first applied but darkens to a more warmer reddish colour, I’d really love a slightly more berry-toned shade
  • Covering blemishes – I just need to take care to ensure these aren’t peeking through
  • Bringing a bit more “oomf” – I’m not sure but looking at the photos I feel like something is just… missing I guess.  I don’t know what it is but there’s a certain je ne sais quoi that’s lacking in this overall look, I think some pondering into the distance and soul searching montages may help this

Things that need to bugger off

  • Those eyelashes, I don’t like them.  The shape is just not for me

And that’s everything really!  I’m sure I’ll come back later and scrutinise this look like crazy but I’ve got a good 8 more months to practise so I think everything will be fine and dandy!