Review – Koelf Gold Royal Jelly Eye Mask

Koelf Hydro Gel Eye Mask Container Title Image

Recently I came to the realisation that I have an absurd amount of Honey based skin care products so I decided to start reviewing them! My goal is to try and be a bit more analytical about these products rather than see the word honey and immediately press the add to cart button.   For some reason,  I’ve decided to start with one of my newest honey acquisitions the Koelf Gold Royal Jelly Hydro Gel Eye Patch – there’s a mouthful for you!

Koelf Hydro Gel Eye Mask Box

These eye masks popped up on RoseRoseShop a little while back and I’d been really curious about them for a while.  Koelf is not a brand I’d previously heard of but the ingredients intrigued me.  In addition to the Gold Royal Jelly option, there is also a Ruby Bulgarian Rose and a Pearl Shea Butter option which all sound very opulent!  Being the honey fiend that I am, I naturally went with this option.

When I received this product, I was actually taken aback at the size of the box and contents, its quite large and has 30 pairs of hydro gel eye patches in it.

Koelf Hydro Gel Eye Mask Inside

Just a quick shot of the inside because it’s quite beautiful.  These sheets are a bit gooey and slippery (so they’re a tad difficult to get out) but feel lovely.

Koelf Gold Royal Honey Eye Patch

Here’s a shot to try and demonstrate the size and look of the eye patch.  I can only speculate but the shape of the curve is quite gentle so this would work well with quite a few eyeshapes however those with very round eyes may have difficulty positioning this.  The eyepatch has little flecks of glitter in it which is also a neat feature if you’re into that kind of thing.

Koelf Gold Royal Honey Hydrogel Eye Patch Worn

After the initial slipperiness, the patch felt quite soothing and adhered well to my skin, I was keen for some R&R at this stage.  My review was cut abruptly short by the intense burning sensation I had on the area where the patch was applied.  I allowed myself to endure it for a few minutes but the feeling did not subside so I was forced to take off the patches and wash my face.

In an attempt to chalk it up to having sensitive skin, I tried again a few days later.  I ensured that I waited adequate time between any cleansing or using other skin care products however the same pain occurred so I was unable to wear these patches for very long.

As a result, it feels like this review is kind of a moot point since I can’t speak for its efficacy at all and can only recommend users to exercise caution when using this product.  I would not recommend it for those with sensitive skin at all.  I’m really disappointed in the result as I was so keen for this product and I am in the market for a lovely eye mask.  I gifted my friend the Ruby and Bulgarian Rose variety and she kindly offered to let me try some so I may give those a shot to see if they are better.

Rating: 2/5

(I’ve decided to adopt a simple rating scale that is influenced by one of my favourite bloggers – Fifty Shades of Snail)

Rating Scale:

1 – Terrible, would not recommend at all
2 – Bad, did not work for me but may work for others, would not repurchase
3 – Average, unlikely to repurchase
4 – Good, worked well or showed some results, would recommend and may repurchase
5 – Excellent, would happily recommend to one and all, extremely likely to repurchase

Where to Buy – RoseRoseShop $5.44USD for 30 pairs